6FTS-B Series Complete Small Wheat Flour Mill Machine

6FTS-B series small flour milling line is a kind of single structure complete flour machine, suitable for family workshop. This flour milling line fits for the production of tailored flour and all-purpose flour. The finished flour is usually used to produce bread, biscuit, spaghetti, instant noodle, etc. 

Products Details

Model 6FTS-9B 6FTS-12B
Capacity(kg/h) 375 500
Power(kw) 20.1 20.1

Grade II Flour, Standard flour

(Bread flour, Biscuit flour, cake flour, etc.)

Power consumption (kw/h per ton)

Grade II flour≤60

Standard Flour≤54

Flour Extraction Rate 72-85% 72-85%
Dimension(L×W×H)(mm) 3400×1960×3270 3400×1960×3350
This 6FTS-B series small flour mill machine is a new generation single unit machine developed by our engineers and technicians. It consists of two main parts: grain cleaning and flour milling. The grain cleaning part is designed to clean the unprocessed grain with one full blast integrated grain cleaner. The flour milling part is mainly composed of high-speed roller mill, four-column flour sifter, blower, air lock and pipes. This series of product has such features as compact design, nice appearance, stable performance and easy to operate. With automatic feeder provided, the labor intensity of workers can be reduced significantly. This 6FTS-B series small flour mill machine can process different kinds of grains, including: wheat, maize (corn), broken rice, husked sorghum, etc. The fines of finished product: Wheat flour: 80-90w Maize Flour: 30-50w Broken Rice Flour: 80-90w Husked Sorghum flour: 70-80w1.Automatic feeding, continuous flour milling and remarkably labor saver in a simple way; 2.Pneumatic conveyer is used for less dust and improved working environment; 3.High-speed roller mill improves the production efficiency significantly; 4.Three-row rollers design makes the stock feeding more smoothly; 5.It works for wheat milling, maize milling and cereal grain milling by change the different sieve cloths of flour extractor; 6.It is the perfect equipment for investors because of low investment requirement, quick return and easy to operate and maintain; 7.Two types of pipes are optional for this product series: white iron pipe and prefabricated pipe.

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